Control the environment of your growroom – Carbon Dioxide (Co2)

Controlling the indoor environment of a growroom is key to increasing the successful growth of your crop. We have addressed two primary issues regarding environmental control including temperature and odours. The main points to consider with this are;

  • Temperature
  • Smell
  • PH Levels
  • Water treatment
  • Nutrients

Today we are focusing on...

Carbon Dioxide (Co2)

Co2 is one of the most important factors in an indoor growroom. For those of you who have studied up on its integral role in this process will know it is referred to as Photosynthesis. When plants combine Co2 molecules with water molecules they form complex sugars that result in spare oxygen atoms being released back into the air. These sugars are processed further by the plant to form natural polymers for growth. Remember, carbon makes up the largest portion of the dry weight of the average plant and it is supplied in the air. Carbon Dioxide is as important to a plant’s life cycle as oxygen is to human beings.

Many plants benefit from raised Co2 levels. Carbon Dioxide enrichment is a process that can be used throughout all stages of the plant growth. The ambient level of Co2 in air is 300-400ppm, fast growing plants in your growroom or glasshouse can use all the available Co2 in less than an hour slowing photosynthesis and therefore growth to a virtual halt.

So what do you need to control this aspect of the environment?

A Co2 Controller would be a good place to start. The Evolution Digital Controller (one of our preferred choices) has more features and functionality than any other product of its kind. It’s a highly accurate way of monitoring your Co2 levels with a great deal of accuracy. Then there is the Unis Co2 Controller with regulator, specifically designed to allow easy Co2 enrichment for home growrooms. This product helps to cut out the trouble of calculating things like gas flow rate, pressure and timing. Perhaps you just want to keep things simple and go with just a Co2 regulator without all the digital trimmings.

A Growth Gas Generator will help increase overall growth rates and will yield a larger end product by introducing the Co2 into the atmosphere of the growing environment. It runs on propane gas and electricity producing heat and Co2. Assorted extras such as Co2 washers and release tubing might also need to be considered.

The importance of Co2 goes beyond being a luxury and falls into the vital camp. You need it in order to grow a crop that yields real, lasting results. Increased levels from 1000pm-3000pm will generally increase yields by 20-30% and take roughly two weeks off of the 3-month growing cycle.

Invest in Co2 to help grow a healthy crop and increase your yield. Contact us for more information at The Big Shop.

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