Control the environment of your growroom – Odours and smells

Controlling your growroom environment is essential to the survival of your crop. The more control you have over it; the better the outcome overall. Conditions for consideration in this area are;

  • Temperature
  • Smell
  • PH Levels
  • Water treatment
  • Nutrients

We covered temperature in the previous blog so today we’re moving on to...

Odours and smells

Yes, the need to create a healthy growroom extends to smell as well.

Smells can be problematic and highly unpleasant. The use of carbon filters is recommended as they help to clean and purify the air. Ozone generators neutralise odours and other smells. There is no substitute for adequate extraction in your growroom/ polytunnel. There are a variety of options for removing any lingering odours that may still exist in and around a growroom.

You can start simple with taking on odours and smells. ONA sprays help to remove the smell rather than scent the room. Scenting a room only covers up bad smells rather than eliminating them altogether. This product doesn’t leave an odour itself, it simply neutralises the smells. It’s a natural alternative that is both organic and safe to use. ONA is a go-to source for odour elimination. They also have liquids and gels hat you can use to refresh the air. The gel has various suspension elements that create an odour remover with excellent dispersion characteristics. ONA gel’s neutralising properties are slowly released in a controlled way through natural evaporation so there is no wastage.

Refreshing the air can be a tricky task if you’ve not invested in the right products to help you tackle it effectively. Sometimes getting that breath of fresh air can be accomplished through using an Air Revitaliser which is designed to improve overall indoor air quality. It’s a small, portable item that only needs a plug socket in order to work. The Air Revitaliser creates a cleaner, fresher and healthier indoor environment (this can be implemented for home or work use too!) Some of the benefits lend themselves to removing bacteria, mould, dust, pollen and assorted airborne contaminants. Whilst purifying the air it also acts as a humidifier.

Getting deeper into the technology aspect of removing odours and smells there is the Ozone generator. These are designed with the small to medium growrooms in mind it’s a compact design and wall-mountable. The use of Ultra Pure materials in the generator head makes replacement unnecessary for long term reliability and is maintenance free. The Ozone Generator removes grow room odours and kills harmful airborne pathogens whilst keeping your growroom sterile.

These are just a handful of potential resolutions to your odour problems. Browse our selections or contact us for some free expert advice at The Big Shop.

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