Control the environment of your growroom – Temperature

If you’re growing a crop then you need to maintain control over the environment they are in. Environmental control covers various considerations;

  • Temperature
  • Smell
  • PH Levels
  • Water treatment
  • Nutrients


Temperature is vital. Generally, most plants grow in ranges between 20-28°C. The grow-lights you use will generate a very large degree of heat, which can be made palpable to the grower if the grow-room is small and non-ventilated. The best way to combat this issue is by using extractor fans and oscillating fans that help to circulate the air better. The heating can be adjusted for night-time use in order to increase temperature in the room when it gets colder.

The Big Shop has various temperature control gadgets and products that can help you to regulate the heat.

The Oscillating Fans can come in different sizes with adjustable features including tripod stands, wall mounts and operating speed variants. These types of fans are ideal for growrooms helping your plants to breathe with a good amount of air circulation. Effective movement of this air is essential for your plant growth and survival.

Keep a track of your growroom’s temperature with Max/Min Thermometer. It helps you to effectively regulate the room temperature within a growing environment. You can go digital with this option if you so require so you can accurately gauge highest and lowest temps, humidity and time frames with recordable precision.

It is one thing to be able to know what the temperature and humidity is but you need to control it too. Fans aren’t always enough. Automate your crop with a digital temp & humidity controller that constantly adjusts extractor fan speed in order to optimise plant growth.

Heat mats can work in conjunction with these products to produce heat in a more controlled process. They are best used with Hydropronic reservoirs. Your tanks will benefit from this added heat in winter. Heat mats can be operated through digital thermostat controllers. The more control over temperature you have the better you will be able to regulate and foster your growing environment.

These are essential tools to help make your growroom a managed environment in terms of balancing heat, air and circulation. At The Big Shop we have these essential items in our collection which you can browse on our site or you can always talk to us here to get some expert advice.

We’ll be following this blog up with more that cover the essential areas involved with controlling the environment in your growroom.

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