Control the environment of your growroom – Odours and smells

Controlling your growroom environment is essential to the survival of your crop. The more control you have over it; the better the outcome overall. Conditions for consideration in this area are;

  • Temperature
  • Smell
  • PH Levels
  • Water treatment
  • Nutrients

We covered temperature in the previous blog so today we’re moving on to...

Odours and smells

Yes, the need to create a healthy growroom extends to smell as well.

Smells can be problematic and highly unpleasant. The use of carbon filters is recommended as they help to clean and purify the air. Ozone generators neutralise odours and other smells. There is no substitute for adequate extraction in your growroom/ polytunnel. There are a variety of options for removing any lingering odours that may still exist in and around a growroom.

You can start simple with taking on odours and smells. ONA sprays help to remove the smell rather than scent the room. Scenting a room only covers up bad smells rather than eliminating them altogether. This product doesn’t leave an odour itself, it simply neutralises the smells. It’s a natural alternative that is both organic and safe to use. ONA is a go-to source for odour elimination. They also have liquids and gels hat you can use to refresh the air. The gel has various suspension elements that create an odour remover with excellent dispersion characteristics. ONA gel’s neutralising properties are slowly released in a controlled way through natural evaporation so there is no wastage.

Refreshing the air can be a tricky task if you’ve not invested in the right products to help you tackle it effectively. Sometimes getting that breath of fresh air can be accomplished through using an Air Revitaliser which is designed to improve overall indoor air quality. It’s a small, portable item that only needs a plug socket in order to work. The Air Revitaliser creates a cleaner, fresher and healthier indoor environment (this can be implemented for home or work use too!) Some of the benefits lend themselves to removing bacteria, mould, dust, pollen and assorted airborne contaminants. Whilst purifying the air it also acts as a humidifier.

Getting deeper into the technology aspect of removing odours and smells there is the Ozone generator. These are designed with the small to medium growrooms in mind it’s a compact design and wall-mountable. The use of Ultra Pure materials in the generator head makes replacement unnecessary for long term reliability and is maintenance free. The Ozone Generator removes grow room odours and kills harmful airborne pathogens whilst keeping your growroom sterile.

These are just a handful of potential resolutions to your odour problems. Browse our selections or contact us for some free expert advice at The Big Shop.

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Control the environment of your growroom – Temperature

If you’re growing a crop then you need to maintain control over the environment they are in. Environmental control covers various considerations;

  • Temperature
  • Smell
  • PH Levels
  • Water treatment
  • Nutrients


Temperature is vital. Generally, most plants grow in ranges between 20-28°C. The grow-lights you use will generate a very large degree of heat, which can be made palpable to the grower if the grow-room is small and non-ventilated. The best way to combat this issue is by using extractor fans and oscillating fans that help to circulate the air better. The heating can be adjusted for night-time use in order to increase temperature in the room when it gets colder.

The Big Shop has various temperature control gadgets and products that can help you to regulate the heat.

The Oscillating Fans can come in different sizes with adjustable features including tripod stands, wall mounts and operating speed variants. These types of fans are ideal for growrooms helping your plants to breathe with a good amount of air circulation. Effective movement of this air is essential for your plant growth and survival.

Keep a track of your growroom’s temperature with Max/Min Thermometer. It helps you to effectively regulate the room temperature within a growing environment. You can go digital with this option if you so require so you can accurately gauge highest and lowest temps, humidity and time frames with recordable precision.

It is one thing to be able to know what the temperature and humidity is but you need to control it too. Fans aren’t always enough. Automate your crop with a digital temp & humidity controller that constantly adjusts extractor fan speed in order to optimise plant growth.

Heat mats can work in conjunction with these products to produce heat in a more controlled process. They are best used with Hydropronic reservoirs. Your tanks will benefit from this added heat in winter. Heat mats can be operated through digital thermostat controllers. The more control over temperature you have the better you will be able to regulate and foster your growing environment.

These are essential tools to help make your growroom a managed environment in terms of balancing heat, air and circulation. At The Big Shop we have these essential items in our collection which you can browse on our site or you can always talk to us here to get some expert advice.

We’ll be following this blog up with more that cover the essential areas involved with controlling the environment in your growroom.

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“Feed me Seymour, feed me!” – plants need nutrients

Plant nutrition is all about growth.

If you remember Little Shop of Horrors you’ll be familiar with the man-eating plant that demands to be fed every day by the poor put-upon shopkeeper. Well, believe it or not that isn’t too far off from the real-life necessity that plants have. They need food in order to grow. They need to be nurtured. They are, after all, living things and like all living things they need some tender love and care.

In the absence of nutrients the plant is unable to complete a normal life cycle. Carbon and oxygen are absorbed from the air, while other nutrients including water are obtained from the soil. Plants must obtain certain mineral nutrients too.

Of course, it all depends on the plants you are growing. We have a massive choice of plant nutrients and additive boosters, P/K's, and plantcare products in our shop.

There are certain types of nutrients that you can seek out from us. We’re focusing on one particular type today...

Advanced Nutrients are a Canadian company producing a large range of more than 70 plant specific products developed for growing dichotomous short day plants. We have selected the best from their range.

Organic Nutrients & Supplements

Advanced Nutrients have completely researched and redesigned the way organics is done, their organic products have a pleasant scent and they flow easy. Better yet, they deliver potent doses of all-organic nutrients, surfactants, vitamins, bud stimulators, enzymes, taste enhancers and resin boosters in easy to absorb formulas that work perfectly no matter what type of hydroponics system you use. Products available include;

  • Advanced Organic Iguana Juice Grow and Bloom
  • Mother Earth Blended Organic Super Tea Grow & Bloom
  • Grandma Enggy's Extra Pure Humic Acid 1L
  • Advanced Nirvana 1L
  • Advanced Organic-B 1L
  • Advanced Sensi Zym
  • Advanced Wet Batty Organic 1L

We also stock other nutrient related products from Advanced Nutrients that can help in your quest to feed and maintain your plants including;

  • Hydroponic,Soil & Coco Nutrients
  • Bloom Enhancers
  • Cloning, Rooting, Germination
  • Crop Protection & Support

There are of course more options available beyond the Advanced Nutrients selection each with their own specific properties and applications;

  • Metrop concent liquid fertiliser
  • Atami, ATA & B'cuzz
  • BioBizz Organics
  • Flairform Hydroponics
  • General Hydroponics Europe
  • Ionic Nutrient
  • Canna from Holland
  • Orchid, Chillis & Exotics
  • Plagron Liquids
  • Grotek Manufacturing Inc.
  • Bloom Boosters other

You can read up on each of these products on our site or alternatively, for more immediate and direct advice, just contact us. If you need any help finding plant nutrients The Big Shop can give you some trained advice.

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Keep your crops and greenery growing in winter

Winter is notoriously difficult for both soil-growing and hydroponic crops. Colder temperatures mean harsher growing conditions for crops, which then impacts on the yield if you don’t quickly deal with any growing issues that come to light during production. Winters over the past few years have been incredibly harsh and have had knock-on impacts on crop production, so it becomes a necessity to know how to deal with the sudden drop in temperature and what equipment you can use to prevent loss of your crops.

Winter can be the tipping point where there is a serious impact on the crop growth, as the days get shorter and the sun is obscured behind the cold and unforgiving clouds.

Grow lights

Grow lights are a great addition if you find that the lack of sun is affecting the growth of your plants. You can transfer the crops indoors and use grow lights to encourage them to grow in the absence of natural sunlight. Using a grow light like the Sunmaster 600w Super High Output HPS Deluxe will encourage the optimum response for photosynthesis and give new life to the plants when the winter days draw in.

Sunmaster’s High-Output lamps are high-pressure sodium lamps that have been specifically engineered to deliver higher levels of light – that’s up to 10 per cent more light than the standard HPS lamps. Grow lights like these are incredibly efficient and stimulate the photosynthetic responses of the growing crops to ensure that healthy growth continues.

Heated mats

Even in rooms with the best insulation, the cold outside can still pose an issue. To ensure consistent, even heating for your crops (especially if your crops are suited or used to warmer climates), it’s best to use several heated mats to keep your crop warm throughout the days and nights. Heated mats act like mini-heaters for the plants as they grow. When the plants or their roots would get cold, the heat mats supplement any heat lost and provide a continuous heat source. The cold inhibits growth and causes it to slow down to a crawl; this can either slow down the growth of the plant or kill it completely, depending on the species.

There’s no getting away from the fact that heat mats are in a higher price bracket than, for example, tank heaters. The advantage of heat mats lies in the fact that they can withstand a lot of punishment, they do not break very easily. Using the heat mats in combination with a thermometer allows you to keep total control of the growing environment to encourage the plants’ growth in the best possible way.

Whatever fauna you’re growing, it’s important to provide it with everything it needs to grow in a proper and healthy way. Getting the essentials down is a strong start in maximising the yield of your crops or plants and ensuring that their growth cycle is healthy without any interruptions. Consistency is key in growing plants in winter when the elements are against you.

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