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Since the grow tents were first invented, they have boomed in popularity. They are one of the best methods of creating a self-contained grow room for your crop. Grow tents are self-contained pods that can contain all of your growing equipment as well as your crops. Granted, it does become quite heavy when you have everything in there, but it allows you a greater deal of portability. With the grow tent, you can move your plants whenever you need to and still continue to give them the same level of quality care.

One of the biggest advantages of a grow tent has to be the fact that they are so self-contained. The pod is self-standing and does not require you to attach it to any walls or fixtures. This means that there are no extra burdens to take care of; you can just move the plants within the grow tent and begin to grow and cultivate straight away.

Grow tents offer a completely clean and lightproof growing space for the plants to thrive in, which can help you to cultivate a stronger crop. The grow tents come with vents for extraction to ensure that the plants are getting enough air and ventilation, rather than being stifled within the contained growing environment.

Dark Room DR240w MK11

The Dark Room DR240w MK11 is a very spacious grow tent. This is the fourth largest grow tent made by Secret Jardin and it is 240 x 120 x 200cm high. Its large environment gives you a growing area of approximately 2.88m2.

Use with 2 x 600w HPS systems and an 8” or 10” Extractor and Carbon Filter for the best possible results.

HomeBox XL

The HOME-box range of instant indoor growrooms can be used to satisfy almost all your gardening needs.The HOME-box is a complete kit structure that comes neatly packaged in a box, ready to assemble with simple instructions.

Grow tents give you much more freedom in growing your plants when you need to bring them indoors. Using a grow tent can be hugely beneficial in winter when the temperatures start to prohibit strong growth. This is the best time to ‘uproot’ the plants and keep them indoors. Prepare a quiet corner of the house and set up your grow tent as the new, cosy home for your plants.

Each grow tent accommodates all of the equipment that you would need to use in order to grow to high standards in some of the more difficult months for growth of your plants. The Belfast Indoor Growing Shop has years of knowledge and experience in growing large yields of crops and we can offer you both expert advice and the best resources to nurture your plants into a healthy and flourishing life this winter.

You can find all of the products you need on our website. From grow tents, heat mats and lighting to some of the finest organic nutrients to nourish your plants through life, The BIG Shop has it all.

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Planning your growing room part three

We’ve looked at traditional indoor gardening techniques in the past two blogs to help guide you towards a successful growing career with your plants as you begin planning your growing room. Growing plants indoors isn’t always a soil-based practice. Sometimes, growers do away with the soil and opt for hydroponics instead.

Hydroponics is a simple method of growing crops without soil. This can be a huge benefit for those who want to grow their crops indoors, but don’t actually want the hassle of growing in soils.

Benefits of using hydroponics in your growing room

One big advantage to hydroponic practises is the removal of soil from the growing equation. Without soil, the growing environment is a more closed loop. You create a nutrient-rich solution with water that is completely level-controlled. In growing hydroponically, you keep costs of water and nutrients to a greater control and reduce any unnecessary outgoings for your indoor gardening. In troubled economic times, this is particularly advantageous for any growers that need to restrict their gardening spend.

Growing hydroponically reduces the risk of plant disease or pest problems within your growing environment. Due to the water solution being directly in contact with the roots, each plant gets appropriate and maximum nutrition. This gives the plants an immediate boost. There is also improved and stronger aeration that gives plants a refreshing stimulus.

What can go wrong with hydroponics?

Soil is a balancing environment for soil and it’s also very supportive. Soil can keep a plant alive for longer when something goes wrong within the growing room. When plants are grown hydroponically, they are in less nurturing environments such as gravel, clay pebbles or perlite. That means that these environments are less failsafe than soil-growing, which means that plants or crops can ‘die’ very quickly if something interferes with the growing environment. Hydroponic crops require more care than other growing, but they can produce impressive results.

Soilless growing

Hydroponic plants  are self-contained within their own growing pots, racks or multi-flow systems and provided with the right amount of nutrients in order to survive and grow with amazing life. Hydroponics growing environments can be started off on a small level and then advanced up if you find success in growing your plants this way.

The BIG Shop has hydroponic systems of all shapes and sizes to suit your growing needs from the ground up. We can offer a multitude of amazing hydroponic accessories and systems to give your plants the best shot at life going forward.





Planning your growing room part two

In last week’s blog, we looked at planning out our growing rooms in order to make sure that our growing efforts and crops are as successful as they can be. We took the time to focus on the specifics of tanks, tents and lighting choices for your plants. This time, we’re looking at plant nutrition choices and growing items that will give you the ultimate yield from the crops you’re nurturing.

Our growing rooms are personal to us. We take our plants into our house, so we want to get the most out of their time with us. We want full, healthy plants or thriving crops for us to enjoy time after time, so we need to think  about every aspect of our growing rooms in order to achieve this same level of quality each time without fail.

Nutrients for hungry indoor plants

Nutrition for your plants may look confusing or overwhelming, but it’s really a simple step in getting your plants everything that they need to grow. Plants need a broad variety of ingredients to maintain healthy growth within an indoor garden.

Liquid fertiliser comes in all sorts of varieties. If you want fast growth and don’t mind synthetic ingredients, there are chemical fertilisers that will provide both macro and micro-nutrients to your crops. These will give you impressive results in the growth of the roots and the plant itself.

Of course, some people are much more selective when it comes to growing their plants. They want to grow them in the most natural way possible without any chemical fertilisers or pesticides making their way into the growing room. There are bio-fertilisers to choose from with some weird and wonderful ingredients. These options are completely organic in order to provide your plant with natural nutrients during its life-cycle indoors. The organic option yields a higher quality crop and gives you the satisfaction of knowing that your crop is naturally and lovingly grown.

Growing aids

We all want our crops and plants to thrive indoors, so planning our growing rooms has to give some consideration to the benefits of growing aids. There are plenty of enriched ‘super-soils’ available to give your plants a super-boost when they’re growing up.

Organic soils will give a natural boost to crops with natural additives, nutrients and even weird and wonderful things like worm manure, garden peat and peat moss.

The BIG Shop is able to give you expert advice on the right nutrients and growing aids for your crops. Our experience in indoor gardening has given us the ability to guide our customers on the right sort of growing room and accessories for their needs without cluttering up the conversation with sales-speak. We want to help you to nurture your crops and grow them successfully every time, using only the best and most appropriate equipment.



Planning your growing room

Planning your growing room part one: tanks and lighting

When planning your growing room, it’s important to start to think about the kinds of crops or plants you wish to buy. Once you know the varieties, you can plan out your growing room accordingly and take steps towards cultivating a strong, healthy growing room with crops that flourish instead floundering. This first part of our ‘planning your growing room’ blogs looks at the

Crops and plants need as much care and attention to thrive as owning a pet does. You care for them from seed all the way through to cultivation; and because you have decided to take steps towards indoor gardening, you have the added personal touch of growing them within your own home from beginning to end. Outdoor gardening has a more detached sensibility because the plants or crops remain separate from the home itself. Indoor gardening allows you to be more directly involved in the life-cycle of the crop because you are the primary caregiver, rather than allowing nature to do most of the work.

Choose your growing environment

Depending on which plants or crops you’re going to grow, you need to make the choice between growing tanks and growing tents. Both have their strengths and the choice will depend entirely on what you need to grow.

Growing tents provide a vertical, light-proof and portable solution for your growing room. If you grow different varieties and like to regularly harvest and re-grow, the grow tent is your best option for maximum customisation.

Growing tanks lie flat on the floor and represent a more compact growing environment. If your chosen plants/crops grow upwards and outwards, the growing tank is probably not right for your growing room. Nutrient Film Technique allows a film of nutrients to circulate past the roots of your plants. This simple, nourishing solution swims over the roots consistently to keep your plants healthy all the time.

Shine a light on your growing room

Light is one of the most essential elements to keep your plants healthy and, most importantly, alive. Planning out your growing room has to give serious consideration to the basics of lighting in order to maximise the productivity and life of the plants.

In order to simulate the best that the sun has to offer, there are blue spectrum and red spectrum lights to encourage the growth. Red spectrum lights make for the best choice if you want to grow flowering plants or fruit in your growing room. Red is good for encouraging the hormonal changes in your plants, which in turn improves yields. Blue spectrum lighting is better for growing vegetables.

The BIG Shop can advise you on planning out your growing room and we can offer our expertise on hydroponic indoor gardening in order to give you the best results with the right equipment for the crops that you wish to grow. Please get in touch for more information.