The portable and effective solution for growing your plants

Since the grow tents were first invented, they have boomed in popularity. They are one of the best methods of creating a self-contained grow room for your crop. Grow tents are self-contained pods that can contain all of your growing equipment as well as your crops. Granted, it does become quite heavy when you have everything in there, but it allows you a greater deal of portability. With the grow tent, you can move your plants whenever you need to and still continue to give them the same level of quality care.

One of the biggest advantages of a grow tent has to be the fact that they are so self-contained. The pod is self-standing and does not require you to attach it to any walls or fixtures. This means that there are no extra burdens to take care of; you can just move the plants within the grow tent and begin to grow and cultivate straight away.

Grow tents offer a completely clean and lightproof growing space for the plants to thrive in, which can help you to cultivate a stronger crop. The grow tents come with vents for extraction to ensure that the plants are getting enough air and ventilation, rather than being stifled within the contained growing environment.

Dark Room DR240w MK11

The Dark Room DR240w MK11 is a very spacious grow tent. This is the fourth largest grow tent made by Secret Jardin and it is 240 x 120 x 200cm high. Its large environment gives you a growing area of approximately 2.88m2.

Use with 2 x 600w HPS systems and an 8” or 10” Extractor and Carbon Filter for the best possible results.

HomeBox XL

The HOME-box range of instant indoor growrooms can be used to satisfy almost all your gardening needs.The HOME-box is a complete kit structure that comes neatly packaged in a box, ready to assemble with simple instructions.

Grow tents give you much more freedom in growing your plants when you need to bring them indoors. Using a grow tent can be hugely beneficial in winter when the temperatures start to prohibit strong growth. This is the best time to ‘uproot’ the plants and keep them indoors. Prepare a quiet corner of the house and set up your grow tent as the new, cosy home for your plants.

Each grow tent accommodates all of the equipment that you would need to use in order to grow to high standards in some of the more difficult months for growth of your plants. The Belfast Indoor Growing Shop has years of knowledge and experience in growing large yields of crops and we can offer you both expert advice and the best resources to nurture your plants into a healthy and flourishing life this winter.

You can find all of the products you need on our website. From grow tents, heat mats and lighting to some of the finest organic nutrients to nourish your plants through life, The BIG Shop has it all.



Keep your crops and greenery growing in winter

Winter is notoriously difficult for both soil-growing and hydroponic crops. Colder temperatures mean harsher growing conditions for crops, which then impacts on the yield if you don’t quickly deal with any growing issues that come to light during production. Winters over the past few years have been incredibly harsh and have had knock-on impacts on crop production, so it becomes a necessity to know how to deal with the sudden drop in temperature and what equipment you can use to prevent loss of your crops.

Winter can be the tipping point where there is a serious impact on the crop growth, as the days get shorter and the sun is obscured behind the cold and unforgiving clouds.

Grow lights

Grow-Lights-for-GreeneryGrow lights are a great addition if you find that the lack of sun is affecting the growth of your plants. You can transfer the crops indoors and use grow lights to encourage them to grow in the absence of natural sunlight. Using a grow light like the Sunmaster 600w Super High Output HPS Deluxe will encourage the optimum response for photosynthesis and give new life to the plants when the winter days draw in.

Sunmaster’s High-Output lamps are high-pressure sodium lamps that have been specifically engineered to deliver higher levels of light – that’s up to 10 per cent more light than the standard HPS lamps. Grow lights like these are incredibly efficient and stimulate the photosynthetic responses of the growing crops to ensure that healthy growth continues.

Heated mats

Even in rooms with the best insulation, the cold outside can still pose an issue. To ensure consistent, even heating for your crops (especially if your crops are suited or used to warmer climates), it’s best to use several heated mats to keep your crop warm throughout the days and nights. Heated mats act like mini-heaters for the plants as they grow. When the plants or their roots would get cold, the heat mats supplement any heat lost and provide a continuous heat source. The cold inhibits growth and causes it to slow down to a crawl; this can either slow down the growth of the plant or kill it completely, depending on the species.

There’s no getting away from the fact that heat mats are in a higher price bracket than, for example, tank heaters. The advantage of heat mats lies in the fact that they can withstand a lot of punishment, they do not break very easily. Using the heat mats in combination with a thermometer allows you to keep total control of the growing environment to encourage the plants' growth in the best possible way.

Whatever fauna you're growing, it’s important to provide it with everything it needs to grow in a proper and healthy way. Getting the essentials down is a strong start in maximising the yield of your crops or plants and ensuring that their growth cycle is healthy without any interruptions. Consistency is key in growing plants in winter when the elements are against you.

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