Why Growtents are Growing in Popularity

Grow-tents have increased in popularity with our customers compared with a couple of years ago. They were always seen, including by us, as an expensive item. Now the convenience of setting them up and the relative ease of keeping them clean along with higher grade components and better prices has led to a huge increase in sales. They are easy to assemble and take apart. No more masking tape on walls, pulling paint and wallpaper off. No more screw holes in ceilings and walls needing  to be filled. If you are moving house, they are very easy to bring with you. A lot of our customers like the temporary nature of the growtent ie you can deconstruct and reconstruct in a short hassle free time. This fits in with a modern lifestyle of work commitments and busy lives.

We have seen some radical changes in the way they are made. Now, for example, they come with silver light-tite interior walls as standard, which used to cost a lot more extra. Previously, some older models used to leak light from the stitching (which is why we didn’t supply them). Now they are 100% light tight. The connecting poles and corner joins are now manufactured from more robust materials than they used to be. The second major reason we are seeing increased demand for them is that there are now a few more companies competing to produce the best quality and value for money grow tents and this has forced up quality and helped to lower prices. We stock two, whom we at thebigshop consider to be market leaders, HomeBox  and Secret Jardin.

The concept of a room within a room has been around for a long time, but it is really useful using the ventilation socks that come with all of them, which makes setting up adequate extraction and air circulation really easy. Larger inline fans, box fans and fan speed controllers can be used to increase ventilation and decrease noise levels. There are two ventilation socks on all models. Just make sure an external window is open for fresh air to reach the growing space easily. Much more easy than hanging fans and carbon filters from ceilings (and trying to find the joists behind them!).

There are sizes to suit all needs and applications. We have small tents that are great for a single plant or a propagation chamber/ growing on area. The mid- sized models will accommodate a 400w/ 600w light perfectly with soil or hydroponic gardening. There are larger tents also suitable for multiple High Pressure Sodium lights. Now that prices of lots of other horticultural  equipment has come down, it is easier to find the money for a high quality and better value growtent.